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Noroi no Hanta Contest Entry 1
As the title says this is my first entry for the contest, oroginally I planned to do another character, but I will do that later~
I'm no good with drawing kids and females so yea...~

[WT]App - Ceruvis di Cristata v2


Name: Ceruvis di Abyssinicus Cristata
Nickname: Cherry

Age: 22
Birthday: August 22th, after sunset
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 176cm (~5.7feet)
Weight: 70kg (~154lbs)

Sex: ♂
Gender: ♂
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bi

Family: Father (Lord di Abyssinicus), Mother (Daughter of Lord of Cristata), 3 Step Mothers, 12 Siblings including: The youngest triplets that share the same mother and the elder 9 siblings that share different mothers. [Family overview in image below]

Species: Aveficus
They are basicly Were-Owls with traits similar to Succubus's/Incubus's. Except for some rare “defectives” that usually become outcasts, Aveficus can shapeshift into Were-owls. Depending on their control they can also only partially transform. Full Were-Owls have still the stature of humans but are covered in feathers, have tail feather wings, talons, beaks and the facial features become like an owl's (respective to their races).
Magic Powers:

They are basicly Were-Owls with traits similar to Succubus's/Incubus's. Except for some rare “defectives” that usually become outcasts, Aveficus can shapeshift into Were-owls. Depending on their control they can also only partially transform. Full Were-Owls have still the stature of humans but are covered in feathers, have tail feather wings, talons, beaks and the facial features become like an owl's (respective to their races).
Places an Illusion of Love and Lust on someone. The more like there is in the original feeling the easier it is to cast and control and the more effective it is. If the target harbours feelings of extreme dislike/hate/loathing, it would enhance those and make them go berserk/get violent. The target usually cannot remember anything after the effect wears off and sometimes has a hangover same as with alcohol.
This is based on hypnotism. Enchanter draw out emotions and power to enhance/buff the target in one way or another.
This is the cruelest of the powers and hard to master. If mastered, they are able to suppress the will if their target completely making them a doll doing whatever they are told. If not commanded otherwise, the target will remember everything.
Illusion: This is again based on hypnotism. They either create an internal illusion, where the target's mind gets trapped and the body is helpless, as if sleeping/dreaming, or they create an external illusion similar to a projection or fata morgana, which is harder to master.
Magic Powers:
Eyes: Increases (night) sight but weakens in sunlight.
Beak: May serve as a weapon and to make owl sounds.
Wings: Grants the ability to fly but is weak in water or dripping wet.
Feathers: Some parts of the feather gown charge with sunlight and glow in the dark. If dripping wet, gets really heavy and unable to fly and easy to drown.
Talons: May serve as a weapon.
Avg. Age: ♂213y ♀228y
Avg. Height: ♂71cm (~5,6feet) ♀78cm (~5,8feet)
Skin Tones: Any kind of natural “human-like” tone
Hair/Feather Color: In all colors, depending on the race. Abyssinicus tend to have more reddish tones while Cristata tend to have more blueish tones.

World: Aonuit, Country: Avestas, Prefecture: Asio
Climate: Stays constant mild throughout the year. Only if directly under the sun it would feel “hot” while at night the wind could actually feel cold.
Asio is surrounded by salt water. The land itself is composed of a diversity of greenery like forest and fields as well as waters, mountains and valleys. It has no desert or ice regions.
Governing system:
Avestas is made up of 26 prefectures. Each is governed by the respective local Lord which is the head of the main family. All family members in direct line of the current lord gain the right to succeed by birth. The successor is chosen by process of elimination as soon as the Lord announces his intention of Retirement or died without doing so. One is able to not get involved by declining the right to succession.
Other Races and cultures:
The only “non-animal” race is called “Mamaficus” and are treated as lesser creatures, due to them not having any special/magical powers and mostly used as slaves. While Aveficus are able to shapeshift by will to grow animalistic features, Mamaficus cannot do that and their animalistic features grow as part of their growth and aging process.

Personality: Narcissistic, Arrogant, Manipulative, Prideful, Perfectionist, Pacifistic, Gentle, Hard working, Creative, Patient, Good listener, Whimsical, Spontaneous

Praised by everyone since he was born caused him to have a lot of self esteem and he tends to be overconfident. His pride does not allow him to do anything “not beautiful” thus making him actually a hard worker in the shadows when no one looks his way and a perfectionist sometimes bordering on grave obsession. Not having any sexual preferences towards only one gender stems from the mentality of not caring about gender but beauty. He barely shows interest in anything that is not somehow connected to himself what causes him to not have any close relationships to anyone except for Cosimo. He does enjoy being surrounded by all kind of admirers similar to a playboy.
Ceruvis does not like any kind of violence mainly because of the fact that the acts of violence as well as the people using it are not beautiful in most cases.

Because of his narcissism he lacks common sense but aside from all what his narcism brings along he is really gentle and a good listener. He loves to see everything as abstract as possible and tends to question everything, even if not aloud.

Ceruvis was born the first child of his mother. Later triplets were born making him the fourth youngest of the thirteen siblings of the Abyssinicus Family. Due to his special colored eyes he was always showered with praises of his beauty. Ironically the one who became his one and only best friend, was the one that never once praised him for something he did not have to put any effort in, let alone because of his natural beauty.

While overflowing with self confidence he strived to do everything he did to perfection. Preferring academics and arts over physical crude activities like martial arts and various sports. The only physical activities he did were dancing and other acrobatic arts in order to form his body well and maintain his beauty.

He got teased a lot by the twins that were older by only 12 years and would always get scolded by the eldest who was older by 52 years, because he did not like him skipping all “manly” activities such as martial arts and hunting. Other than that he had neutral to friendly relationships to his siblings. It was only later when the lord approached the age of over 150, which was the normal age for retiring even though they could live to up to 250 years. Most of his elder siblings started to act cold toward him and his step mothers acted even more hostile. Only the third eldest child, which was the eldest sister, the triplets and he himself were not interested in succession. They declared so openly a few years later when Ceruvis just turned 21 and the Lord finally declared his intention to retire. Even though Cerus disinterest was widely known, still a lot of subjects and residents favorite him which of course caused problems. His personal attendant and friend then suggested for him to get rid of the family's name and instead take on his mothers families name. This solution only worked for the Abyssinicus Family but not for the Cristata Family whose Lord was mortally wounded not even a year later and the succession war in the neighbouring and allied prefecture Cristata broke out as well. Even though Ceruvis again declared his disinterest in any of it, his life was still targeted sometimes.

On Ceruvis’ 22nd Birthday Party he snuck out late at night when festivities still were going on. As planned Cosimo brought him to hidden place.

When gathering information inkognito he found a way for Ceruvis to get away from all these wars. From an information broker in town Cosi heard of a Village Elder that supposedly traveled to other worlds before. After some research the retainer finally found the village of said elder and got the opportunity to question him. Of course it was not easy to make the Elder talk. Only when finally broke out in tears, begging him to help save his most precious person the old man seemed to finally give in. Cosimo learned that deep in the forest, if concentrating on the inner power and wishing for aid, something would come for his help and take him away.

The only thing Ceruvis was told, was that his friend would take him to a safe place. A prepacked bag around his shoulders he followed Cosimo deep into the woods on the other side of the hill. It was a walk of more than three hours but they did not dare trying to fly in order to not be seen.

They followed upstream and arrived at waterfall that was right next to a cave. There cosimo explained what the elder said had to be done. A bit confused Ceruvis did as told but nothing happened. He did not question his friend since he trusted him more than anything, rather he questioned if he maybe did something wrong. He tried again and again, but nothing happend.

Only when he concentrated and wished so hard he could not control his powers and his body started to get covered by feathers the cave started rumbling and some noise closed in on them. A Giant noisy metal thing rushed at them screeching to halt in front of them. It was the first time they saw something called a “Train” or anything like it. They did have something like a flying carriage, but nothing on wheels or in this size.

After a brotherly hug Cosimo made Ceruvis board the train at the door a person's head with uniform poked out from, waiting for him. Nocta who was following them, flew right towards Ceruvis with high speed before she finally softly landed on Ceruvis shoulder before. His friend remained so that there would also be a place and person Ceruvis come back home to.

Bewitching: He is able to bewitch others with direct eye contact, the stronger the feels of the other party towards him is, the easier it is and the stronger its effect.
He can shapeshift into a demi-form (basically a Were-Owl). This includes growing wings and talons as well as transforming the ears. Because of aesthetic reasons he specifically learned to suppress the growth of feathers and beak. He can use this freely with no time limitations or conditions such as a full moon for werewolves.
Arts: He is good in almost any kind of art including, music, painting, handicraft and even cooking since he spent all his life so far refining his art skills.
Weaknesses & Limitations:
Reflections: As Bewitching doesn’t work without direct eye contact, he can’t use reflections. Reflections of any kind might even negatively affect himself due to the magical energy being broken, like light gets split into colors. The thrown back effects on himself differ depending of the clarity of his reflections. Because his feelings towards himself are really strong, the side effect might even break his mind permanently.
Elemental: He is generally weak against all kind of magic that is not psychological. He has no means to defend himself if someone were to attack him with any kind of elemental magic.
Sunlight: His eye sight is slightly weaker than a humans in sunlight, even more so when in Wereowl-Form. Being exposed to sunlight/flashlight/etc can cause immense headaches that even affect the hearing and this on the other hand affects the balance.
Even in human form he retains the sensitivity to being wet. While he is able to swim and dive it makes him most vulnerable. Water has tons of reflections, making it hard/unwise to use his powers, while wetness makes shapeshifting slower and harder as well as flying properly is almost impossible.
Other water based things like steam and snow only have the effect of making him uncomfortable while ice makes him even more uncomfortable and depending on the wetness it makes him feel really sluggish and weak.

Martial Arts: He hates any kind of martial art thus he is not able to effectively protect himself in a physical dispute.
Common Sense: Due to severe lack of common sense he has a hard time having normal conversations let alone expressing or understanding deep topics and emotions. This makes it hard for him to bond with anyone which is why he is actually really lonely, even though he doesn’t realize it himself.

Level 1:
Health: 70
Magic: 200
Attack: 80
Defense: 10
Speed: 140

Weapons: None
Shoulder bag with necessities for grooming as well as a change of clothes. He also brought as much valuables as possible in order to trade them for money or other things if needed.

Self-grooming, Meditating, Playing instruments and singing, Academics and Arts (includes stuff like dancing aerobics and yoga)
– Sour food, Local String Instrument, Clothes/Fashion, Accessories, Colors, Warmth, Nighttime
– Lakes, Trees, Sky, Wind, Stars, Moon
– Himself, His personal Attendant and best friend Cosimo, His triplet siblings

– Uniqueness, Honesty, Creativity

– To much (unnecessary) exercise, “manly” activities (e.g.: martial arts, hunting)
– Sweets, Seafood,  Noise, Weapons, everything not beautiful, Daytime
– Mountains, Ocean, Thunderstorm, Rain, Hail, Snow, Sunlight
– Four eldest Siblings, Step Mothers, Father, Avestas Gourverning System
– Impatience, Patriotism, Bossiness, Rudeness, Grumpiness, Responsibility, Violence

Misc. Facts:
– His left eye’s color is an ever changing ocean of rainbow colors
– He usually always wears a pair of colored see-through sunglasses
– Having colorful hair is natural for his species
– Cosimo was his first love
– He used to have lots of “Girls Talk”-Sleepovers, talking about beauty, fashion and love
– His name is mix of the words “cerulean” and “vision”
– “Aonuit” is made up of the words for “blue” and “night”

Pet: Nocta (w)
She was a baby owl he accidentally injured on his first hunt when he was 4. After that he swore to never hunt again and took care of her. Even after her injury was healed he stayed with Ceruvis and received the name Nocta because of her coloring.Age: approx. 18
Height (length): 85cm (~2,8feet)
Weight: 1,7kg (~3,7lbs)
She is usually very gentle and loves being pet and protective. Sometimes Nocta acts a little hyper and mischievous when she feels provoked, uneasy or neglected.
Her blue colored feathers are able to store light making them glow in the dark.
The can output the glow over her limit for a short while causing a temporary hallucination when looking into the light, as if one just saw a ghost for a second. (This is usually used or hunting or fleeing to confuse their prey or the predator.)

Cosimo: He is one year older than Ceruvis and they were basically together since they were born. Cosimo is his life long, loyal attendant as well as his only true friend.

Sleeper Car:
Steam Car - Cabin 4

RP Sample:
gDoc 1

gDoc 2

Voice Sample:
Daisuke Hirakawa (Soft Version = Usual Voice)


Bewitching Meter
Family Overview
World Map



Kelphumin's Profile Picture
Hello, I'm not a good artist, even tho I like to draw, mainly because I got a lot of ideas/visions of characters and stories. So this is my way to show my fantasies to others I guess. I wish i could improve ;)
Even tho I have almost no watchters I decided to post it here~

I'll be streaming for a while today, trying to finish the cover picture of my vol.1 book~


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