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[WT] Application form - Tyl

Name: Tyl  / Lyt  Phumin

Nickname: none

Age: 22

Birthday: December 4th

Star  Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 178cm

Weight: 72kg



Sexual/Romantic  Orientation:

Family: Parents (Taisol & Amelua), 6 year older Brother (Rai)

Species: Draconian

–  Physical Appearance: humanoid,  pointy ears, skin/hair/eye color ranges from blue over purple to  pink, no facial/body hair; grows scales instead (rare), min/max  height 170cm-220-cm,  pearl-colored blood

–  Hierarchy: There is the royal family that are descendants of the founders  princess, their distant relatives form a layer of aristocrats and  only a handful that are not related to royalty actually hold titles.  Over the years a hierarchy within the citizen formed that was  dependent on their blood.

– Culture:

—  Politics: All political affairs are ultimately handled by the king. There are a  few governor responsible for a different field each, Those being:  Economy, Education and Work, Science and Arts, Magic, Research,  Society, Law.

—  Religion: The religion is something that is based on the old legend. It is also  what makes the value of the blood type absolute in leads to  discrimination. Generally though Draconians don't know it as a  religion, it is just the way they have always been, Including all the  rituals and ceremonies honoring and pleading the dragons that seem no  more than distant gods to all those that can't leave the island. The  only dragons they would ever be able to see are the royals guardian  dragons.

— Economy: With  each discovery and invention the economy bustles. The kingdom recently introduces a currency after all the time they used to common trading. Now the economy is transforming to something different.

— Science: Compared to modern earth their science is on the level of the  neo-victorian age. Since magic is a rather common thing it leads to a  rather magical than technical route.

— Art: Is is not yet something common so the few practicing art are usually successful. Most art is done with magic or magic tools more than with something like brushes. The most popular occupation in this field would be an architect.

—  Magic: As almost every draconian is able to wield magic and tons of magic tools are used in everyday life it is not something special at all. Royalty is known to be the mightiest when it comes to magic since  they are the direct descendants of the dragons. The scholars researching magic categories their magic in different ways. First of all magic is separated into two different categories and each  including different attributed:

[Elemental Magic]




>Earth, Rock

>Wood, Plant

>Lightning, Electricity, Magneticity

[Psychic Magic]









>>Natural (Dreams, Visions)

>>Unnatural (Cards, Stars, Weather, Omens)






>>Spirit Travel (out of body experience, limited time travel etc.)

>>Physical Travel (teleportation, time travel, etc.)

>>Motion Manipulation (freezing all motion/time, creating slow or fast motion, etc.











>>Deities and Demons

Dimension: A different galaxy and sun system than earth has and knows

–  Planet: Dracnarias is about the size of mercury that is approx. 1.45 times the earths moon. There hasn't been a civilization active in space yet, so they don't know too much about galaxies and sun systems or even their own planets rotations. Still they managed to define time  measurements based on their moons and the sun. Their 3 moons define  the daily time frame and are named after their respective colors that are cherry-pink, sky-blue and violet. Most of the the time it is what humans would call night. Even though at least one of the moons is always visible and gives off a bright light, the sun light only reaches the surface of their planet once every 44 years for a whole  years. Due the rare summer temperature and all water being underground the whole planet has a rather dry and rocky environment. On this rather cold planet it only snows after their summer and the  only rain they ever see is during that very summer, if at all.  Something like clouds is rather rare and rainbows are only known in legends. Still the planet does not lack water thus there are a lot of different plants and big forests. The special thing though is that almost all natural resources and natures seems to be affected by the moon. So all the scenery is mainly painted in a blue to pink color range. Other colors are rather rarely seen. Another influence the  moons as well as the lack of sunlight seems to have is the radiance. A lot of plants and rocks glow by themselves. Even animals sometimes have that trait. The ruling class creatures on this planet are  dragons. No other species has a higher position than the them.

– Kingdom: Dragonia is the only kingdom of the planet. The main part of the  kingdom is a floating island that is positioned high above gigantic  magical lake. Technically the island is the part cut out and left the  lake behind. Around the like there are ports and farms and residential areas for the workers and their families as most of their needed resources comes from outside. The only way to get on the island by ship over the see that the upward flowing water pillar will transport to the islands port. Or else one had to grow wings, but  they did not yet invent such transportation.

The Island is a single gigantic city with the palace grounds that is connected to the lake as it's center. There are also four high towers built in a  square connected by bridges that also connect to the palace grounds. They form the highest places on the island and are forbidden to enter  for regular people.

Underground there is a multidimensional maze  that covers almost the whole underground structure and also spreads  under water in the different lake levels.

– Palace: The Tear Palaces itself is built above a giant lake that is a a giant underwater maze at the same time. It maintains an allover octagonal theme. From the shape of the outlines, over doors and windows, gardens, ponds. Almost all of the walls, ceilings and floors are made  of either some stone similar to marble or they are made out of a stone that is transparent just like glass. The stone walls mainly serve as a container for water. All of it is filled with the water from the whole lake that houses little particles called Stardust that react to warmth of living things. Because of them the water gives of light evenly all the time as the particles are dispersed. If, for  example, someone would walk barefooted on a floor with such water  beneath, the light respectively stardust would gather at the source of the warmth and would only disperse after the warmth is gone, so you can actually see footprints on the floor for a bit.

The most important places on the palace grounds that is not the main palace are: The Moontear's Garden – for rituals and ceremonies, the  National Library, the Dragon Temple and the Port, that is  underground.

At the very bottom, where the main lake connects to  the islands lake is where the one and only port is located. A smaller  water pillar connects from there directly to the palaces holy lake.


Tyl  is a free spirited woman that leads her life following her curiosity  and ambitions. She hates emotional conflicts, thus always trying to  find the least conflicting way to act towards others; that is mostly  being kind, gentle, respectful and accepting to everyone and  everything. This does not mean she doesn't have her own opinion or  always goes with the flow. On the contrary she mastered the art of  either rejecting others in a way without conflicts or wrapping them  around her little finger resulting in no conflicts again. Because she  is emotionally unstable she tries to uphold a wall around herself  emotionally but doesn't mind physical contacts. If she sees something  or someone cute or adorable she totally loses it and can get really hyper. If magic and adventures are involved she would always either get really excited or disappointed. This would also be the only true emotion she would ever openly show to anyone because it concerns her interests no herself; or so she thinks. Tyl can actually be really stubborn and pouts easily if something doesn't go her way. She has a  philosophy of not hating anyone, holding grudges or getting angry (with some exceptions), since it would be a waste of energy. Being  clumsy might be a result of either her daydreaming or focusing.  Within she is no that naive as she seems on the surface. It's mostly  just the way she acts to cover up her calculative and manipulating  mind that is called Lyt. Her second personality is more aggressive in  actions and obviously suffers from some kind of queen-syndrome. She  boasts her ability so seduce and manipulate and enjoys watching others twist, struggle and suffer. No matter what personality might surface, both are almost always as calm as can be.


There  were two elder mages living on Draco. The younger sister was called  Basil and was working as a royal adviser, fortune teller, prophet and  clairvoyant as well as their shaman. The older sister Kishim, the  „Witch of Equilibrium and Judgment“, was known to not interfere  in any trivial matters and would watch over the lives and deaths of  their world and maintain a balance.

A  Draconian pregnancy can last from only 4 month to up to 9 years,  without being considered abnormal. When the queen was pregnant with  twins, she gave birth to her son Rai after 6 months. But her daughter  Tyl was born 6 years later.

Between  the births of the royal siblings, Basil spoke out a rare prophecy:  „The princess will be born in a long cold winter night, when the  stars of Drakos will align and the twin star will be visible and give  her their blessings. She will receive great magical power to  accomplish many great things. But only if she is able to control her  body and her soul, will it not lead to destruction. However do not  fear as the elder dragons will guide her.“

Like  Rai had one after his birth, three month after Tyl was born, a  traditional ceremony was held. It was an old tradition where the  Shaman Elder would divine the new born's future and give her  blessings by casting a magical mark upon their body. The shape and  color as well as the position and size of the mark have particular  meanings. The same way Rai has a dark blue eclipse underneath his  right eye, Tyl received a purple star under her left eye. Because she  is a princess a lot of people attended the festivities also to  celebrate the birth of the crown princess.

Even if a bit late, Basil also made her entrance in rather flashy way. But instead of giving her blessings to the future queen, she would cast a powerful spell. A seal. A curse.

Like fireworks Tyls magical power would shoot out of her body and burst into all directions before eventually vanishing. Instead of hating or punishing Basil, people accepted this as one of her judgments and  some even started to question Tyls suitability to inherit the throne in the future.

Rai and Tyl grew up pretty attached to each other. While Rai excels in  physical activities as well as strategic thinking he would always  strife for more knowledge and perfecting his physical abilities to  make up for his lack of magical powers. Tyl on the other hand was guided by her curiosity since forever and her adventurous and fearless or even reckless spirit would make her a revolutionary inventor in the future. Before that though, they did experience some hardships.

It  was when Rai was twelve years old he hit his limit with his  irritation about people comparing his little sisters magical power  with his. Rai started to train in all kind of physical activities  even more and started to study even harder thus automatically  avoiding Tyl and distancing himself from her. Tyl started to feel lonely even with her favorite plush animal her mother made for her. Day after day she tried to confront Rai and making him play with her  but each time his rejections getting harsher until he overstepped a line. This was the first time the curses symptoms got apparent. The little princess stood there with blank eyes and her plush toy emitting her magical powers while her body started to face in and out of transparency as well as colors of her hair and skin changing. Rai froze up not knowing what was happening with his sister, then knelt before her hugging her tightly even so her magical power would  sometimes burn his flesh like passing arrows. He didn't let go and  kept apologizing. Silence returned and the small body slumped in his  arms. She fainted.

Tyl  would not remember this incident and her brother would tell her he  got his wounds from training to hard. After that Tyl would start acting out of character for just a few seconds sometimes without having any memories of what she did or said. This happened more often and for a longer duration with each passing year. Of course Rai was researching the reasons and possible cures but all he found out is, that the splitting of power also split up her soul within causing her  to develop multiple personalities. Due to the magical power usually  being bound to the soul, some part of her would sometimes fade. By  borrowing Tyls power Rai attempted to enclose her soul within a magical barrier around her body so it would at least not vanish. But because magic wasn't his expertise he made Tyl go berserk instead throwing random spells she never even learned around her. Rai not  able to dodge was hit by a spell that made him go berserk as well.

By  the time palace staff found them in an unused room they both were  lying collapsed on the ground splattered with their blood. Again Tyl  had no memories of this but Rai would suffer nightmares. For many  years every night he would see that scene of how he would cut up his  own little sister against his will; with daggers, like a beast.

After this Rai and Tyl somehow grew more awkward with each other with each passing year. Both focusing on things they wanted to do and learn.  Tyl was either coped up in her secret base or snuck out of the palace  grounds to explore city, people and nature. Using everything she  discovered in her attempts to invent new magical tools mainly aimed  for none-mages for conveniences.

One time when she went exploring the woods near the border, she actually fount the first shard of her scattered power by accident. Her powers  stuck to a stone that she later would craft into the magical watch  because she didn't find out yet how to get that power back into her  body. She spent a lot of time experimenting with the watch and spells  on a small scale.

On  her 20th birthday party she called out Rai outside the  hall where the festivities were held and told him of her plan of  large scale experiment she would start the next day.

This  was the start she started to travel trough time and worlds, even  didn't figure out how to decide her destination yet and would always  arrive in a random world in a random time.


– Basic Elemental Magic: The  very basics even normal citizen are capable of using to some degree.  It's also called the “Calling”-Tier as all she is doing is  calling upon the elements around her. That is the raw part of  elemental magic unlike the “Commanding” that allows shape it as  ever one pleases.

– Specializes in Psychic Magic: Even  though she managed to discover and invent a new magic category that  is “Shield” that includes simple defense, reflecting and  confining, she is not that fond of it since it's rather defensive.  Being more the offensive utility type of mage, she is more fond of  her invisibility, levitation and enhancement magic.

– Agility: Complimenting  her type agility is the only physical type of prowess she has. This  not only includes swift but also silent movements as well as good  reflexes.

– Intuition: Her  intuition is really strong. Combined with her observative nature it  would be almost impossible to get into an unfavorable situation.  Mostly her curiosity is what makes her ignore it though.


– Rai: He is currently her greatest weakness. Everything involving him is  directly affecting her very state of mind.

– Shocks: Any kind of mental shock is literally able to kill her.

– Dolls and Puppets: She has a really serious phobia and totally loses it if she sees them.

– Clumsy: Contradicting  her smart head she is rather clumsy, that holds true in every  situation. So this can be enhanced and exploited very easily.

–  Onesided: Because  she is a rather one sided mage, she is only strong as long as she can  be offensive. She is weak if cornered or forced to defend as well as  to any kind surprise attacks.


– Level  1:

—  Health:  50

—  Magic:  300

—  Attack:  30

—  Defense:  20

—  Speed:  100


Whatever  she gets her hands on, Magical weapons; preferably swords or other  blades


– Magical  pocket watch: This is a watch she crafted herself with different rare  and magical materials, including a shard of her own self. It has  tones of numbers and pointers. It doesn't only show her home planets  time, it also serves a her life counter. Meaning it literally counts  every second of her life, so she would not lose track of time while  time traveling and dimensional hopping. That said it is also the very  key tool she uses to exactly that. It is her most valued invention  but she did not yet improve it as she is not yet able to choose her  destination.

– Magical travel  bag: This is a magical bag imbued  with anti-matter magic. Everything put in it will be dissolved in  it's very matter. Most people cannot see this and the only way to  take something out is with magic on hands. Meaning only the people  who either know the spell or were able to encrypt the magic  (basically magical hackers/crackers) can take something. So when  looking into it, it looks empty and nothing can fall out by  accident.


★ + Rai

★ + Stars

★ + Music

★ + Magic

★ + Freedom

★ + Everything  sweet, cute and adorable

★ + Purple  colors

★ + Quiet  places

★ + Sweet  and hot food, fruit

★ + Juices  and water

★ + Dragons,  everything cat-ish, everything reptile-ish

☆ +Rai

☆ +Stars

☆ +Magic

☆ +Freedom

☆ +Everything bishie and ikemen

☆ +Orange-red colors

☆ +Places good for observation

☆ +Fruits, rare and special food

☆ +Everything dog-ish


★ - Cursing,  insulting, screaming

★ - Betrayal

★ - Stealing

★ - Dolls  and puppets

★ - Green  and brown colors

★ - Feminine  clothing like corsets and dresses

★ - Cramped  and creepy places

★ - Cooked  fruits and vegetable

★ - Alcohol

★ - Everything  bear-ish

☆ - Being ignored or mistreated

☆ - Dolls and puppets

☆ - Desaturated colors

☆ - Sloppy and unfashionable clothes

☆ - Tight and bright places

☆ - Too spicy food

☆ - Everything not pretty like spiders, insects, amphibians, reptiles and  most birds

Misc. Facts:

  • Tyl is named after a twin star in the Draco constellation. If looked at it closely the alpha is colored purple while the beta looks either orange or green depending on the position of the sun relative to the viewer.
  • Tyls male guardian dragon as well as the baby dragon girl from the legend are named after the same person. The legendary dragon is named after Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle's Fay while Fye is the the German version of it.
  • The royal family's names are all inspired by heavenly bodies and weather. Taisol: as well Tai as sol mean sun in different languages. Amelua: Ame meaning rain and Lua meaning moon. Rai: meaning either lightning or ray of sunlight.
  • The names of places are almost all references to a dragons body, all are somehow connected to dragons, except for the waters. Lakes and      rivers are named by stars, mostly of the Draco constellation.
  • Due to her personalities being bound to her soul as well as her magical power, her appearance changes with her personality. It changes her skin tone as well as her hair and eye color. For some reason even the her clothes change to a rather chromatic black/white style while the orange-red is the only color that doesn't change. It might be linked to her eye color. No matter what she tried to wear after the      transformation, it would turn in either of those color, like being      tainted, and wouldn't go back to how it was before.
  • Draconians have pearl-colored blood thus if she blushes she is actually getting paler and if she is supposed to be pale her skin color would get more saturated.
  • Her pocket watch is as important as her life because technically it is made of part of her life force.
  • Draconians received a dragons power long time ago, thus their average age is around 4000 .
  • [More Details on her world are published in the Timeless Journal]
  • [Map]
  • [Details]
  • [Full Character sheet]

Pet: Guardian  Dragon Fye (left at home)

RP Sample:

A  woman stood at the door to the lounge with an exhausted expression. 'How  can I actually get lost within a train..?!',  she thought to herself before fixing her face and checking out her  surroundings. When they build this car, they must have forgotten  about the walls as practically everything was covered in in glass  even the ceiling was primarily made of windows. The plants decorating  the room complimented the red tone that was used for the floor,  furniture and carpets.

  Tyl  approached an interesting looking, colorful thing that was next to  her. She guessed the things written on the boards were the things  available here. She could read it just fine, but it didn't help in  knowing what it was.

The  mumbling of a voice grabbed her attention and she saw someone sitting  on a couch the person’s back turned towards the door. Fascinated by  the light blond, long hair that were glowing in the daylight as if  being something holy she took a few steps closer. With agile and  quiet steps she moved between the couch and crouched on the floor  looking up at the stranger that seemed to be immersed in his studies.

Oh”,  Tyl only just realized that being so close to a stranger might be  rude let alone staring like that. She stood up, put her hand behind  her back and bowed slightly with a smile on her face: “I  am sorry for being so rude. My name is Tyl Phumin. I just boarded  this train yesterday.”  Tyl  loosened her formal posture and continues talking with her eyes  twinkling like a child talking about his favorite hero: “I  was wondering what you were studying here so focused, then my eye  caught a glimpse of your beautiful face-”  She  left off mid sentence averting her eyes a bit in search of words to  say that just might to happen floating around the room. “Is...  this your natural hair color?

Only  slowly Tyls brain registered what Yuval actually said because she was  busy focusing on his facial features and nice long hair. Just when he  sipped on his coffee, the word Magic arrived and she instantly jumped  closer bowing a bit so she stared right into his beautiful, dark  eyes. Not noticing that this made her hair plunge into the cup still  in his hand, soak in his coffee. Her face only a few inches away from  his she then spoke in an even more excited voice and fast pacing:  “Magic?  You study magic? Are you a great magician? What has vayu to do with  magic? What is it? Will you teach me Mr. Danu-... Yuval?”  Both her eyes were twinkling excitement and curiosity, thought Yuval  could only see one of them as her right eye was covered by her purple  hair.

Co...ffee?”,  tilting her head inquiringly she then followed her hair that she used  to tie in the front. Her beautiful, purple hair was certainly bathing  in a substance that assumingly was called coffee. She let a clumsy  “waaaaah” slip  and pulled away. She hurriedly took off the furred cloth she wore  around her hip under her belt and dried off her hair with it while  apologizing panicky to Yuval: “I'm  so sorry, I will bring you a new one...!” Tyl  took the cup from his hand wanting to take off to wherever but then  noticed, she didn't even know where or how to get such a thing as  coffee. She then faced Yuval again with an uneasy smile on her lips  she said: “Oh  but you'd have to tell me where I can get it? Is it expensive? Or  complicated to make?” She  then abandoned the idea of getting a replacement and put the cup on  the table, closing in on Yuval again. She half knelt on the sofa and  cupped his hand in hers again ridiculously close. “I  am really so sorry! Will you still teach me? I will bring you a  coffee every lesson if it helps! Pleaaaaaaase”,  her pleading eye tearing up looking at the tanned pointy ear she had  cornered yet once again within such a short time span. Knowledge  about being denied was like an arrow right through her heart, so she  would always get as desperate as she would get excited about the  topic itself.

[Link  to Full RP (google docs)]


[Timeless] Tyl + Details
Here is Ty (and Lyt) with the most important Details:
The respective eye colors, and star colors
Her magical bag for traveling
Her magical pocket watch
[Timeless] Dragnarias' Worldmap
This is the first draft of the worldmap and I named most imporant places.

The whole world has a purple whoe because of how the moons and sun are on this planet.
There are three moons: cherry colored, sky blue colored, violet colored
Usually it is always what we call "night" on earth because their sun almost never actually shines directly on the planet. Only once every 44 years the sun would shine for a whole year almost all day long each day.
Nature as well as the beings living on the planet usually take on colors of the moon, thus colors like orange, yellow and green being rather rare. There are still a lot of mysteries that are being researched concerning color pigments and the influence of the rare sun.
Also do to the lack of sun and the water purely being underground except for the forced like the island that is now floating left, the whole planet is covered in a rather rocky and sandy scenery with persistend dry and cold weather. Except for the sun phase, that one would call summer.
[1001] Electric Crystal Jellyfish
This is supposed to be a Creature appearing in the Catra Cave-Dungeon.
Usually it looks like made of some kind of glassy/glossy jelly that emits electricy from it's tentacle. If it comes in contact with warmth, for example human touch, it will crystallize the specific area as to not melt away.
While the smaller once might only zap a bit when touching, the bigger ones are dangerous. They're electricy is literally a potent poison. If coming in contact with an open wound, what usually happens after getting hefty burns by it's electricy, small crystall particles from it's own body would enter the wound and make the body crystalize from within, since human bodies are warm.


Kelphumin's Profile Picture
Hello, I'm not a good artist, even tho I like to draw, mainly because I got a lot of ideas/visions of characters and stories. So this is my way to show my fantasies to others I guess. I wish i could improve ;)
Even tho I have almost no watchters I decided to post it here~

I'll be streaming for a while today, trying to finish the cover picture of my vol.1 book~


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